News Bulletin, Entry 160429A

The Devil went down to Sot’er. He said it with a straight face, explaining to me, in the simplest terms he knew how, why his village stopped dying and started recovering. He frowned. He must have seen disbelief on my face, or cynicism. There have been devils, even demons, in the Wild Coast of late, more than usual, but which one would have set up shop in a little village on the fringe of the Shadereach? And then suddenly left his little kingdom of misery? Panavra had 500 and more, he tells me, before the devil came along, all smiles and coins. Then the dying began and the blame was thrown around and the blood flowed in the streets. Darkness ruled the night with twin blades in its depths. When we all figured out it was him, the wizard woman showed up with her commission and he took off in the night. She stayed a day, poked around a bunch and then told us he was a devil and had packed it off to Sot’er, as far as she could figure. Maybe Pyt’enrul. She headed off on what she said was his trail. West. Downhill. Then the elves came. Drow and their servants, bolstered with great cats and orcs. Nearly wiped us out. But she showed up and helped turn the tide again. Not long after, a contingent of guard showed up to fortify the village against future attacks. The devils had all gone and life, gloomy from loss, could look forward again to peace and growth. At least, for a while.

~Harka’an Bali’inti, for the Pyt’enrul Public Press.


News Bulletin, Entry 160426A

Mystery Night Murder!

Last night, plump and happy Obel Risq was closing up his shop, Obel’s Risky Business, with the help of his adopted son and Burrow Gnome helper, Aztur Risq, when their dog, Mad-Tick began barking and baying at the shadows of a nearby alley. Aztur states that the area then “went dark, as if all the psigns in the window and street pole crystals went simultaneously dark and the moon was hidden behind storm clouds or, basically like you were a human underground. Even I couldn’t see!” There was some shuffling sounds, a sudden whimpering, a sudden grunt, and two bodies striking the ground. A few moments later, all the light came back, but Obel and Mad-Tick were laying beside him in pools of blood, their bodies laid open with one huge gash each. Shrieking in dismay, Aztur got the attention of guardsmen on the next block, who came dashing out of the alley Mad-Tick had not liked and on to the scene. One of them, name withheld for official reasons, stated that he had never seen such a thing, with their prime suspect standing there wailing without a weapon in hand. Investigators have had no success in determining the nature of the assault other than that it was completed with a strange foreign blade shape, with precision, in complete darkness. Poor Aztur Risq says no magic potion can ever bring back his beloved Dada Obel, though he seems to have tried desperately to find one at Horn and Scale after being released by the Guard this morning. A reward had been offered by House Azra-Bebriti for the first party to bring accurate news leading to the capture and execution of the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

NEWS BULLETIN, Entry 160424A

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!
To all citizens of the City-state of Pyt’enrul, the District of Three Hills and the territories of the Upper Lady streams:
It is with sad heart that his Lordship, Premier Morzo Harzenti and his First in Pure Lineage, Abalan Morzoga, announce the apparent death of the elevated human As’a’ri Abalanti, the First’s adopted daughter and betrothed of Master of Arms Ge’erien Ov-Ge’elenti, her half-blood second cousin by adoption. We all mourn with them and their house and seek earnestly for any knowledge concerning the disposition of the body of the young lady, who was swept to sea between Pyt’enrul and Sot’er. Please report any information you may have to Master Ge’erien immediately. Sincerely, Office of the Premier

One With the Stone [feat, 3.5, scaling]

One With the Stone [feat, 3.5, scaling]

The depth of your bonds to and the expanse of your knowledge concerning the nature of your psionically active crystal lead you to vastly improve it over time.

Requirements: have a psicrystal, crystal psi weapon or psignet.

Benefits: This is an ability that scales with the highest level power you can manifest, as follows:

0) Improved Psicrystal (available even if no class-based manifestation can be done)

1) Psicrystal Containment

3) Power Psicrystal

6) Enhance Psicrystal or Improved Crystal Psi-Weapon

9) Construct Core: Any construct you build can bond with your psionically active crystal, using the more beneficial of the combined stats for as long as they are bonded.

Special: All abilities of this feat apply to all of your psionically active crystal items simultaneously, applied by description.

Ensorcelled Core

Ensorcelled Core [feat, 3.5, scaling]

As a spellcaster, you have learned to hold power in reserve and, having experienced some of that potential, decided to hold back your power even further to reap greater rewards. Requirements: Any 1 reserve feat matching one of the prerequisites listed below, one spell known of the type(s) of the path you choose, 1 spell slot of the highest level you can cast held in reserve and NEVER cast again, or until you receive access to a higher level of spells and replace it with a spell of that level (spell point or mana users lose points equivalent to their highest spell and must know a spell of the appropriate type and level). Benefits: This scaling feat provides a series of related spell reserve feats from a specified group, based on qualification, player selection, and HD Paths are as follows, with HD listed for attainment of each feat:

All Paths: 2) Warrior Reserve: All your reserve feats may be used as swift actions that do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Emberheart: Prerequisite) Skinscorch; 6) Smoulder; 10) Fiery Burst; 14) Summon Elemental (summoned elemental will be of the Fire type, caster level bonus will be for Fire type spells instead of summoning); 18) select one Fire type spell of level no higher than 1/2 the highest level you can cast and it becomes a spell-like ability reserve spell, +1 to CL for Fire type spells.

Rimeheart: Prerequisite and 6) Numbing Ray or Bonechill; 10) Winter’s Blast; 14) Chill of the Void (with range as Numbing Ray, +1 to CL with Cold type spells); 18) select one Cold type spell of level no higher than 1/2 the highest level you can cast and it becomes a spell-like ability reserve spell, +1 CL with Cold type spells.

Fluxheart: Prerequisite) Blinding Spittle; 6) Charnel Miasma (except the +1 CL applies to Acid, instead); 10) Acidic Splatter; 14) Corrosive Burst; 18) Fluxuation: Add 1d6 acid damage to any damaging spell cast in the same round OR use another Acid type spell reserve feat at double damage.

Waftheart: Prerequisite, 6 and 10) Windlash or Wind-guided Arrows or Hurricane Breath; 14) Borne Aloft; 18) Cloudcraft: you can shape clouds as if they were clay, resulting in solid structures supported by air, using any craft skills you have for the project.

Zipheart: Prerequisite) Telekinetic Disarm; 6) Guided Missile; 10, 14 and 18) Blade of Force or Force Bolt or Invisible Needle.

Unheart: Prerequisite) Charnel Miasma; 6) Sickening Grasp; 10) Necrotic Pulse; 14) Arcane Demoralizing; 18) Corpsewalk.

Warpheart: Prerequisite and 6) Cloud of Bees or Bee Swarm; 10) Dimensional Reach; 14) Dimensional Jaunt; 18) Summon Elemental.

Shieldheart: Prerequisite and 6) Protective Ward or Shimmering Armor; 10) Motewall; 14) Magic Disruption; 18) Mystic Backlash.

Shadeheart: Prerequisite) Shadow Veil; 6) Umbral Shroud; 10) Facechanger; 14) Vanishing Act; 18) Cuts in the Mind.

Thunderheart: Prerequisite and 6) Slowing Shock or Deafening Roar; 10) Shattering Word; 14 and 18) Clap of Thunder or Storm Bolt.

Exoheart: Prerequisite and 6) Mitigate Suffering or Touch of Healing; 10 and 14) Touch of Distraction or Enrage; 18) Sanguine Punishment.

Lumaheart: Prerequisite) Sunlight Eyes; 6) Sunlight Beam; 10) Magic Sensitive; 14) Scorching Illumination; 18) Holy Warrior (except +1 CL is for Light type spells instead).

Swampheart: Prerequisite) Pure Cup; 6) Fenrise (essentially as the spell Grease); 10) Clutch of Earth; 14) Aquatic Breath; 18) Drowning Glance.

All The Small Things [feat, 3.5, scaling]

All The Small Things [feat, 3.5, scaling]

Whether or not you have any knowledge of magics arcane, divine or mental, your curiosity and knack for applying detailed information empower you in the use of low level spells and powers.

Requirements: Any 2 of Int 13+, Wis 13+, or Cha 13+; must be taken at level 1. Benefits: This feat provides limited access to cantrips, orisons, and talents based on your HD. For purposes of caster level, manifest level, DCs, etc., your effective class level is equivalent to your HD.

1 HD: Access 1: Select 1 access feat from Cantrip, Divine Gift or Wild Talent.

3 HD: Expansion 1: Select the expansion feat corresponding to your Access 1 feat from Double Cantrips or Discover Psionic Power (level 1 only) .

5 HD: Access 2: Select 1 of the 2 remaining access feats.

7 HD: Expansion 2: Select the expansion feat corresponding to your Access 2 feat from the Expansion 1 list. 9 HD: Access 3: Receive the remaining access feat.

11 HD: Expansion 3: Select the expansion feat corresponding to your Access 3 feat from the Expansion 1 list.

13 HD: Cantrip Mastery: As per the feat, plus you may now use, per day, 1 cantrip, orison or power per HD + the modifier from the higher of the 2 mental stats qualified you for this feat.

15 HD: Expansion 4: Discover Psionic Power (level 1 only).

17 HD: Gain the benefits of the feat Quiet Whispers of the Mind.

19 HD: Grand Unification Theory: For purposes of this feat, the spells and powers provided by it, and those from other classes of the same level, you may consider any of them as if they were of one of the other 2 types, if it is more beneficial to you to do so.

Special Note: Whenever one of the levels gives you access to an ability, you may use it as described, even if you would not normally qualify for its use.

Advanced Finger Twiddler [feat, 3.5, scaling]

Advanced Finger Twiddler [feat, 3.5, scaling]

Over time, you learn to vastly improve and eventually truly master your skill with the Prestidigitation cantrip.

Requirements: Int 13+; ability to cast Prestidigitation as a spell or other type of ability. Benefits: This is a feat that scales with your

HD. 1 HD: As per the feat Parlour Tricks. If you already have a permanent Prestidigitation effect on you from some other source, then you gain instead the effects of Advanced Prestidigitation as a permanent supernatural effect (Su), which can be considered a spell when it is advantageous to do so.

4 HD: As per the feat Toymaker.

8 HD: As per the feat Improved Prestidigitation.

12 HD: As per the feat Master Prestidigitator.

16 HD: As per the feat Sublime Prestidigitation.

20 HD: You replace Prestidigitation with the spell Master Prestidigitation for purposes of determining all effects of this feat.

Special Note: Bonuses from this feat stack with those from any other applicable sources of improvement except the non-scaling feats included in this one.

Snow Elves

Snow Elves

These vigilant keepers of snow-swept tundra and dwellers in frosty forests are reclusive and mysterious, but simple and well-attuned to their arctic and subArctic climes. Pale blue to gray skin that scars white, often tattooed or ritually scarred in patterns of white, gray and occasional blues. Typical choices are crystal forms, bold or intricate geometric patterns, and snowflakes. Eyes have white sclera, pale blue or gray to medium gray or silver irises, and 12-pointed star-shaped pupils that can be controlled on any axis. Hair is blue through silver to white and rare platinum, gray or strawberry blonde. Snow Elves bleed white blood, like some ichors. Their ears are particularly long and tall, with light tufts of hair often wispy and windblown at the tips. They rarely sport much facial hair, like most elves, and those few that do tend to have mustaches at the corners of their mouths, small chin goatees, and/or extremely long, straight sideburns. Snow Elves tend to wear loosely woven or knit layers of cloth under leather, fur, or tightly knit coverings, a throwback from the times when they needed to keep warm. The undergarments are usually carefully made so as to look rough but remain comfortable and capable of withstanding abuse. Their outer garments are a study of blending elements of seeming simplicity, layered intricacy, beauty, and extreme sturdiness. A particular favorite is woven leathers of different kinds and colors over tightly woven fabrics that peek through, all covered with a pale colored cloak or robe. They rarely wear headgear that is not combat oriented, but use all sorts of jewelry or ribbons to control their often voluminous tresses. As masters of ice-craft, most of their structures, tools and weaponry are made of iron-hard glacial heart-ice or magically hardened and preserved ice forms. Elegant water shapes frozen and hardened make for beautiful jewelry, art, and decorations, as well as adorning more functional hammers, picks, spears, bows, swords, daggers, arrows, etc. Ice is also the principal material used in buildings, with second being various kinds of pebbles, sand and stone. They make good use of arctic and mountain creatures for their livelihood. Such animals serve as assistants and companions in hunting, scouting, heavy labor, travel, war, and respite. They are on good terms, oddly enough, with selkies, trading with them extensively. They are quite solitary in nature, though they tolerate groups of their own kind fairly well and can accompany allies for extended periods. They do not like goblins and are at odds with larger carnivorous humanoids and monsters. Snow Elves have full bonuses in arctic or glacial climates, but suffer in warmer settings. In sub-arctic climes, they are at -1 to all rolls, which gets worse in temperate (-2), subtropical (-3), or tropical (-4) settings. Although this does not immediately manifest, more than a day will take is toll. In any warmer settings, they become dazed and confused within an hour. They can survive being completely frozen, given time to heal and recover in more amenable arctic weather, within a day. This acts as a suspend animation spell, and they still need to be able to breathe. They save and work with cold at +1, and are likewise -1 with fire, which includes attacks, saves, skills, damage and magic. Fire does +1d damage and cold does -1d, even down to zero. If less than zero is a result, count them as reseting to arctic normal environment immediately until the local environment can reassert it’s effects on them. Their automatic weapons are pick, spear or bow, and their preferred class is either sorcerer or barbarian, chosen at creation, which can never be changed thereafter. The choice of child hard flesh or fleeing airy magic is soul-deep in these people and clearly divides roles, while uniting them as forces that complement each other well.

+2 con, +2 cha, -2 str, -2 wis. Otherwise, they are the same as high elves.