Windetal – the grey city

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A bastion of Arcanic knowledge,  this city of magic discovery was founded thousands of years before the events of the game by a group of grey elves.  The few historic references of this place refer to the race as the gray.
The most powerful of the gray were called Sel-Arcanicus or “gods of magic.”  The ability of these powerful wizards was to use the divine magic of the world that normally can only acquired by worship and to combine it with Arcanic spell casting to form new wonders.

The power that this race wielded did not go unnoticed and the isolated elves did not expect and attack from an eldritch horror named Mithmorital.

With the mighty magic at the disposal of the gray they should have been able to win easily.  However the gray were not fighters.  There spell selections had not taken into account an unexpected attack.  The city was overrun in mere hours by the creature.  The last of the gray to survive the initial assault gave there lives to seal Windetal off from the rest of the world.  Trapping the creature here for all eternity.

Or so they thought……..




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