Test Game Session

You all meet in tavern. Bar maid asks what you want


7 thoughts on “Test Game Session

  1. With a smirk Derek will make a snide remark at alzath “maybe you should try to suduce the orcs we fight, alzath, you might have more luck”


    • Something had got its fingers into the Brass Market, as certain as could be. Three alleged dealers of illegal goods ill or dead within a week. And nobody talking. Of course. But, oddly, even gold seems ineffective in loosening the usual tongues. Something ominous about that. And that chill. What was that? Related? Shouldn’t be, but it feels it…


  2. From across the room, a rather large human stands up and yells, in a drunken slurr.

    “Orcss! Tey are eassy pansieses. Ssoo eeshy to desroy! *hic* I jusst sslauughtered 5 of dem witsh no efffort!”

    As he finished his comment, he falls flat on his face, breaking a chair on his way down.


    • The innkeeper sighs. That barter was definitely not worth a chair, especially with the worthless whittling specimens considered as just that. He nods at the big barkeep, who walks over and hefts the big man over his shoulder for a quick trip to a pallet in the corner of the common room. Lucky sot, he didn’t even get thrown out. Innkeeper must like him or something.

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