Orc Legions- Conquering Horde(The mongol hordes)

  • Basic Population: Humanoid Half orcs,Orcs,Human Barbarians
  • Basic Concept: Rule the world by iron and cunning rage (pseudo military)
  • Prestige classes: Cutthroat, sapper, rage-smith, soul gorger,
  • Religion: The Great Warband
  • Typical Classes:Barbarians,fighers,warriors,clerics,adepts,experts,rogues
  • Specialized classes: Bards,monks,rangers,sorcerers,wizards
  • Mounts: Axe-beak, Rhinoceros(Normal,dire,wooly) ,Dire Boar, Mastodon/elephant, Wyvern, Dinosaurs
  • Guardian Creatures: Axe Beak, boar, dinosaurs
  • Companion Creatures:Ogre, dinosaurs, wolves
  • Vessels: War ships, Siege engines, war carts
  • Weapons: Maus, Flail, spear, javelin,pole arms,short-bows, compound bows,crossbows,daggers, swords(scimitars)
  • Armor: Ring,scale,leather,padded,hide,plate,chain,studded leather, breastplate
  • Habitat:Plains,hills,forest,cities,nomadic encampments,conquered strongholds

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