Orc Legions – Savage Horde(Parasites)

  • Basic Population: Orcs + 1/2 orc monsters+ rabid Creatures+giant Vermin
  • Basic Concept: Take over the world by infection (Chaotic/clannish)
  • Prestige classes: Honored host, mother of rage,
  • Religion: The patrons
  • Typical Classes: Barbarians, warriors, adepts,shaman
  • Specialized classes: Druids
  • Mounts: Giant Spiders, giant slugs, Giant centipedes, Giant Toads,
  • Guardian Creatures: Giant leech, giant slug, slime and oozes
  • Companion Creatures: Dire Rats and dire snakes
  • Vessels: Goblin Like Construction
  • Weapons: Clubs, spears,maces,hatchets,short-bows and knives
  • Armor: Leather,hide,studded leather,bone,tortoise shell
  • Habitat: Swamps,caves,Tarn-Hills,Moors, Marshes

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