Orc Legions – The Betrayed(Balkans,afghans)

  • Basic Population: Orcs,Half-orcs, half orc monsters,Anathma
  • Basic Concept:Hide in the underworld, strike back at the conquering horde that left them to rot and ruin(tribal)
  • Prestige classes:Bride of he who watches,Rage-Smith, soul gorger, cutthroat
  • Religion:The patrons
  • Typical Classes:Barbarians,warriors,clerics,adepts,rogues
  • Specialized classes:Bards,experts,fighters,rangers
  • Mounts:cave lion,dire board,dire bear,dire wolf
  • Guardian Creatures:Boar,dire tiger,owl-bear, Athach,Giant ants,dire rats,wolves,
  • Companion Creatures: Ogre,hill giant(et.al), Ettin,snake,slaadi
  • Vessels: War carts,some warships
  • Weapons:maces, axes,spears,pole-arms,flails,short-bows,crossbows,daggers,swords
  • Armor:scale,leather,hide,ring,bone,(plate),studded leather
  • Habitat:Cave cities,wilderness camps,forests,mountains,captures strongholds

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