There are six primary elements in the setting. Air, Earth, Fire, Light, Shadow, and Water.

Each is associated (not exclusively) with certain alignments, attributes and abstract concepts, as follows:

Air: Chaos; INT, dex; freedom, creativity, individuality, imagination, transition, speciality, speed.

Earth: Law; CON, wis; order, logic, unity, community, tradition, stoicism, fertility, protection.

Fire: Aggression/Fervor; CHA, str; passion, action, force, creation, imposition, destruction, impetuousness.

Water: Passivity/Reserve; WIS, con; healing, calm, focus, contentment, comfort, erosion, constraint, quiet energy.


Light: Good; STR, cha; truth, knowledge, benevolence, selflessness, caring, beauty, life, growth.


Shadow: Evil; DEX, int; lies, secrets, control, power, selfishness, entropy, theft, death, undead.


Balance (not an element): Neutral; all attributes; integration, separation, continuation, constraint, balance, variety, nature, constraint, harmony.



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