Office of Works:

Office of Works: city walls, buildings, zoning, water and steam, signs, Phlixan systems

Wizard’s Guild: arcane arts, mysteries, magi-tech, magical defense, war magic

Ka’alister’s Guild: messengers, messages, magical transport, inns and roadways

Mercenary Association: mercenary soldiers, labor-for-hire, adventurers, private security

Brass Braves and Brazen Babes: supposed sex business, also not-so-secretly thieves’ guild

Office of the Treasury: treasury, taxation, banking, trade, harbor master

House C’olfie’nti: mining, ore, refining, stone, sewers, harbor maintenance

House Gnätecti: shipping, merchant marines, divers, fishermen

House Vencru: green grocers, produce, meat, cheese, cloth, wood, paper, alcohol

House Azra-Bebriti: overland merchants, exotic goods, transportation, riding animals, pets

House Hawa’t’eti: antiques, curiosities, city library, teachers and schools, historians, scribes


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