Blood Marks


Every native, adoptee or bound servant (except those bound by contract) receive these tattoos. They are placed on the left or right arm, starting on the side, just below the shoulder bone, and may, over time, extend down as far as just above the elbow. Hadansi homogeny testing is done every four years until twenty and can be updated as often as every forth year thereafter until the individual is dead or dispossessed. At the top center of the mark will be a house or organization symbol, with the individual’s name to the left and their sponsor or immediate superior to the right. On the first line below this is general genealogy, added at age four and referred to as “origin”. The next line, added after testing at age eight, indicates career type and training, referred to as “designation” and which determines future options. At age 12, testing indicates what aptitude the individual has and what kinds of finishing training need to be found. This line is referred to as “training” and can indicate up to four different areas of study. At 16, betrothal and job are determined and marked, this being referred to as “place”. At age 20, the last mandatory testing is done, assignment is fixed until updated later on, marriage is registered, and birth are recorded in the blood mark. This line is also called “rating”, as it also indicates highest hegemony rank attainable. Marks are attended by a soul imprint, marking one as Hadansi or their kin (and making them cut off from the gods). This imprint can be detected by those trained to do so, and it cannot be removed. Popular items on the Brass market include those that can suppress or distract detection of the imprint. The merchant guild utilizes this effect on a regular basis with their contract issue spaulders.

These marks must be presented on demand by any official of the office of Homogeny, unless a contract with the mercenary association forbids revealing personal info. Visitors under contract wear short over-sleeves or spaulders with this same information displayed.



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