Human: Hadansi

Hadansi are a sub-breed of humans literally bred for noble traits. They are very clannish, and look down upon other humans and less refined races. Hadansis make up just 10% of the human population of The Wild Coast. They have bronze skin, dark eyes and hair, and are tall, intelligent, healthy, and attractive. For an archetypical description, think Moorish Spaniards, although any Latin to Middle Eastern appearance might fit. The Hadansi originally escaped religious persecution in their homeland of Ha-Sinanna. Their atheism was a sore affront to the passionate human and giant state faith complex and they were ordered to accept belief or be forever banished. Those who accepted banishment had ties to the Hadansi family and assumed that racial name as they crossed the continent and settled in the central region of the western reaches. They established a series of colonies in vicinity of what is now Sot’er and expanded north and south across the western wilderness, establishing themselves as rulers and masters of The Wild Coast, playing the part they see as their destiny: warlords to the lost souls of their own territory. Hadansi in Ha-Sinanna have been, for the most part, reabsorbed into the general human population there, having lost most of their distinct characteristics. There are a few pockets, however, that have bred true. These are allowed to remain in their homeland as long as they demonstrate fealty to the church-state.

Defining Characteristics and Culture
Hadansis as a race do not believe in any gods or higher powers. Instead, they believe that each person controls his or her own destiny, and that personal perfection and enlightenment is the ultimate goal of life. To draw closer to perfection, Hadansis engage in sanctioned marriages and breed for children with desirable traits. Young men and women are tested upon their sixteenth birthday by the master genealogists of the Office of Pure Lineage. A listed of approved potential marriage partners is then provided. Women who bear children from approved marriages receive stipends from the Office of Pure Lineage. Affairs outside marriage are very common and looked upon as normal. Contraception generally prevents children from such liaisons, although some Hadansi men who consort with “lesser races” sometimes ignore contraception (and, likewise, any resulting children). Hadansis who fail to uphold the traditions, mores, and customs of the race are stricken from the Rolls of Pure Lineage and disinherited. Their line will thus become obliterated and any children from their Lineage will be adopted into other Hadansi families permanently. Worship or advocacy of any god, faith, or religion is obvious grounds for removal of sanction. Refusal to recognize the decisions of the Office of Pure Lineage or failing to tithe (10% of income gained) also draws frowns and may eventually cause the person to be stricken from the rolls. This distinct lawful behavior and interconnectedness is what brings a semblance of order to the otherwise chaotic regions of The Wild Coast, especially near the citadels of the Hadansi clans.

Professions and Wealth
Hadansis who do not have adventuring classes are almost all aristocrats or experts with a mercantile focus. Those with adventuring classes tend toward (in order of prestige): psion, psychic warrior (military officer or knight), monk, wizard, rogue (principally for the business applications of all those skill points), and fighter (sergeants, specialist, and the like). Hadansis have a long tradition of seeking perfection and enlightenment through meditation and the path of the monk. They usually feel that sorcerers are too undisciplined, and seldom try to unlock sorcerous powers by choice. The incidence of psionic ability among Hadansis is very high and something they greatly admire. Quite a few learn to use psionic powers, becoming psions or (somewhat less frequently) psychic warriors. Even those without the time or natural ability to use psionic powers study some elementary psychic disciplines (psionic skills and feats). The psionic tattoo each Hadansi adult wears helps focus psychic energy and makes possible some minor talents, like identification of other Hadansis, contraception, pain relief, increased memory and concentration ability (but not in combat) and occasional empathy with other members of the race. Many Hadansis belong to large, wealthy families. They generally look out for one another and make opportunities for others of their race. This makes the Hadansis quite wealthy in comparison to others. Most Hadansis are nobles, gentry, rulers, leaders or merchant traders (who buy and sell goods, instead of making the products themselves). They tend to live well and keep to themselves. Adults are required to donate 10% of all income to the Office of Pure Lineage to support research and breeding incentive programs.

Hadansi Racial Traits
Hadansis have all of the human racial traits from the Player’s Handbook, PLUS the following mandatory modifiers:
Abilities: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Hadansis are bred for intelligence and attractive, confident natures.
Psionic Race: Hadansis are naturally psionic, and gain 1 psionic power point at 1st level. This does not allow them to manifest psionic powers unless they take levels in a manifesting class, but does give them a psionic reserve and access to psionic feats.
Psionic Tattoo: Upon completing the Test of Pure Lineage at majority, each Hadansi man and woman is marked with a psionically active tattoo. The specific figure and style vary with individual taste. The tattoo is powered by the person’s own life energy and serves as a focus for several minor powers. Specifically, the tattoo allows the Hadansi to identify other pure Hadansis within 30 ft. by concentration, and to tell if a Hadansi of the opposite sex would be an approved mate. It allows the wearer to activate personal contraception, biofeedback-based pain relief, and enhanced concentration. All of these abilities require a full round action (at least) to activate and are not considered useful in a combat situation. The tattoo also serves as a universal identification and tracking tag, as deemed necessary by the Office of Pure Lineage.
Lack of Faith: Hadansis cannot be raised or resurrected from death by any means short of a wish. Those who have no faith may not benefit from the faith of others. This is not a function of the cleric’s unwillingness to perform the ritual, but the deity’s unwillingness to grant this favor to the Hadansi. Hadansis can, however, benefit from a reincarnation spell, although this poses ethical issues for the druid and the deceased Hadansi, both. Very wealthy Hadansis sometimes make use of clones and astral seeds as a sort of insurance policy. Recognizing the Hadansis’ contempt for faith, many clerics politely refuse to aid Hadansis. Others cheerfully provide spellcasting, but at double or more of the going rate to compensate for “difficulty in overcoming the lack of faith that helps power a spell.”
Prohibited Classes: Hadansis cannot gain levels in any class that relies upon divine magic for spells or spell-like and supernatural abilities. This includes the cleric, druid, and paladin classes.
Automatic Languages: High Hadansi, Common. High Hadansi is like Common, but reserved for Hadansi use and never taught to outsiders.
Favored Class: Psion.
Level Adjustment: +2.

Conversion and Expulsion
Rare individuals who become believers and convert to another faith may ignore the prohibited class restriction, but are stricken from the Rolls of Pure Lineage, lose the power of their psionic tattoos, suffer a -8 circumstance penalty on any interactions with pure Hadansis (who can detect impure status through the lack of positive response from their own tattoos), and are still bound by the Lack of Faith racial restriction.


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