The Prime Material Plane

Prime Material
At the core of our droplet is a place where the energy, power, material, and spirits all come together, though not in way they are found in the roiling stream of the Variable String or the streams it leaves behind. Here, all of these great things exist in a separated, organized and recombined balance generally referred to as Nature or The Prime. Hence, this place is called the Prime Material plane, home to celestial bodies, their environments, and their inhabitants. Here, the six pure elements combine into an immense variety of materials and the spirits of all living beings come to inhabit the mortal bodies that are brought into existence here. Within the prime material plane, matter is found in scattered bunches, spread out over a wide open space, much like the droplets of the Variable String suspended in the expanses of the eternities. In this way, we have become a microcosm of the eternities, just as the gods willed us to be. The scattered bunches of material in the prime material are referred to as galaxies or clouds. In each of these bunches, many celestial bodies known as stars can be found and many of these stars are surrounded by smaller celestial bodies called planets, moon, asteroids, and so on. These smaller groups are referred to as solar systems and each has its own character and history. Following is a description of our local stellar universe and home solar system. After this discussion, from a mixed mythological and scientific point of view, we will discuss those beings that have ascended to godhood from our mortal sphere.


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