Metichlorians in our world It is an odd thing that I have discovered in my research among-st the peoples of this new world. Every single creature I study appears to have the exact saying amount of metichlorians in their system. It is always the same. Never more and never less. It appears that the force in this world lies dormant. It seems to be ever present but rarely touched, as if someone came to this world long ago from our own universe and left a mark indelible upon this place. nevertheless it appears that none of these indigenous species seems aware of it, nor capable of using it. even stranger is the inexplicable capacity for marvelous works of what can only be described of magic. there are here those who use magic through rituals or through power that courses through their veins that is not the force or through a power centered in their minds or through some power from perceived divine beings beyond this world. Among-st all these strange variations there are none who appear able to use the force except those of us who came to this world in the crash. During my studies, I discovered a young human who seemed to lack much gift in any of these particular arts but who is interested in attempting to learn mine. After much consideration I determined to teach him the most simple and basic version of the art of the force. He was intrigued and dedicated to learning what he could. Perhaps there is something in the nature of this young boy or perhaps it was simply his total dedication to learning new works that opened the door previously closed to this people that led to the force itself. I have decided to declare myself a master in the absence of any master or council and the ability to reach them. I have also taken this young boy as my padawan. That is the basic reason for calling myself a master and not an apprentice. From my other studies in the nature of the phenomenon that brought us here I have discovered or at least believe I have that the nature of the nexus is an inexorable flow from our world to this one. As far as I am able to determine, there will be no return to our known universe and, while travel is possible away from this universe into others, none of these others could ever be our own. It is as if this kind of travel has many single directions and it does not lead home. I remain optimistic that at some point in the distant future our students, apprentices, associates and friends may find us a roundabout way to return home, but I do not hold much hope in that particular regard. And so, in simple conclusion, I must say that the force is here, it can be reached with some difficulty and that it flows from here to other places but not directly back from whence we came. As to our long-time enemy, I know only this: they now call themselves “the siege in the dark” and may still seek our destruction and the domination of all living things. Their ambition begins in a number of small cults and extends to this entire world, it’s universe, and beyond into all universes that maybe found.


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