The Children of Marna

The Children of Marna

Not much is known of this group, other than the occasional appearance of one in pivotal moments in history to provide assistance to one side or other, apparently indiscriminate of race, creed, alignment or nationality. Rumor and speculation had garnered further, somewhat questionable detail concerning the group. Firstly, all members of the group are, apparently and disconcertingly, actual half-breed children of an apparently immortal or long-lived and prolific human female named Marna. Who she is, why she seeks to produce half-breeds, and what her overall purposes might be are unknown.

Her children have included several half-elves, half-orcs, and half-giants, but also appear to include one or more half-breeds of the following types: dragon, ilithid, doppelganger, goblin, ogre, (non-Mec’ari) giant, pixie, dryad, celestial, fiend, dwarf, gnoll, kobold, etc. Historically, there are two confirmed tales of these beings coming out of the shadows and into the light of epic events. The August Emperor Astros, an ancient self-titled ruler of the Hadansi in the Wild Coast, was murdered in broad daylight in a marketplace during a parade in his honor by a shape-shifting human who appeared from amid the throng, leaped onto the ruler’s palanquin, slew his guard and ran him through with a wooden spear to which was attached a note. As quickly as he had emerged from the celebrated crowd, he vanished amid the panicked throng. The note, it is rumored, said something to the effect that those who rule do so only by the deference of honest people and by the tolerance of the gods, modified by the hands of the Children of Marna, the forgotten wife. On another occasion only a few dozen years ago, a group of battle sorcerers which included a half-elf, a half-orc, a half-giant, and a half-celestial, led by a half-dragon monk, appeared without notice amid the fray in a battle against undead legions in the north of Uburru. They turned the tide of battle in favor of the horse elves and helped press the unliving legions back to their northern tombs.

When sought out by the elven generals, only the half-dragon remained to tell them that the the Children of Marna, the forgotten wife and mother to those who had come to their aid that day, were glad to be of service in a cause that interested them, expected no reward, and would not continue to be involved on any terms other than their own. As soon as he had delivered his message, he leapt into the sky and flew away northward on his great wings. From whence these Children may have come is not known. Where they wander and who they are is not known. What their ultimate purpose may be is unknown. Their only allegiance appears to be to their mother, whom they call Marna, the forgotten wife. Whose wife she may have been is unknown to any willing to share the secret. What sort of long life she may have achieved is unknown. Few greater mysteries exist on Arat’.


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