The Rise of the Sith

The Rise of the Sith

During the time of the rain of fire when a new force became known in the world, there arose in secret two bands of creatures. One band was very monastic in nature, keeping to themselves and helping others as much as possible, while hiding their skills to keep from being persecuted. The other band also hid their abilities from sight because all of their abilities were directed towards dealing death.

The first group came to be known as “jeta’ai” and included many apprentices from among the people of their new world, but hid their true nature in mystery from all the commotion, promising to remain peaceful and devoted to their way.

The second group came to be called “the siege” and appeared to do much the same thing. In truth, they did this in most of the world, hiding their true nature, but had a different agenda in 1 particular country. Among the forsaken humans in the clouds of the mist-crowned valley of Bei-Had, they took over the nation of the curst. Their greatest masters rose among these people and typically come from among their numbers to this day.

It was not an easy process to become foreign rulers of an insular people, but through careful manipulation and perfectly timed shows of strength and appeals to mysticism, they were able to become near gods among the curst. Their precepts are now taught to all curst from a very young age and those who show particular promise are made into assistant trainees . These trainees are not much more then force adepts. Those among them that show true force talent are brought into the inner circle and trained as apprentices. Unlike in other worlds that came before where the siege have one apprentice and one master in all the universe, the curst are known to have one of each in each settlement throughout their lands. And so those of you who know of the lands of the curst and its seedy masters and also understand the jeta’ai and their culture know that a great battle for dominance over the world and the universe and all the universes has been taking place and will continue to a fever pitch even here in this world.


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