Advanced Finger Twiddler [feat, 3.5, scaling]

Advanced Finger Twiddler [feat, 3.5, scaling]

Over time, you learn to vastly improve and eventually truly master your skill with the Prestidigitation cantrip.

Requirements: Int 13+; ability to cast Prestidigitation as a spell or other type of ability. Benefits: This is a feat that scales with your

HD. 1 HD: As per the feat Parlour Tricks. If you already have a permanent Prestidigitation effect on you from some other source, then you gain instead the effects of Advanced Prestidigitation as a permanent supernatural effect (Su), which can be considered a spell when it is advantageous to do so.

4 HD: As per the feat Toymaker.

8 HD: As per the feat Improved Prestidigitation.

12 HD: As per the feat Master Prestidigitator.

16 HD: As per the feat Sublime Prestidigitation.

20 HD: You replace Prestidigitation with the spell Master Prestidigitation for purposes of determining all effects of this feat.

Special Note: Bonuses from this feat stack with those from any other applicable sources of improvement except the non-scaling feats included in this one.


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