Ensorcelled Core

Ensorcelled Core [feat, 3.5, scaling]

As a spellcaster, you have learned to hold power in reserve and, having experienced some of that potential, decided to hold back your power even further to reap greater rewards. Requirements: Any 1 reserve feat matching one of the prerequisites listed below, one spell known of the type(s) of the path you choose, 1 spell slot of the highest level you can cast held in reserve and NEVER cast again, or until you receive access to a higher level of spells and replace it with a spell of that level (spell point or mana users lose points equivalent to their highest spell and must know a spell of the appropriate type and level). Benefits: This scaling feat provides a series of related spell reserve feats from a specified group, based on qualification, player selection, and HD Paths are as follows, with HD listed for attainment of each feat:

All Paths: 2) Warrior Reserve: All your reserve feats may be used as swift actions that do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Emberheart: Prerequisite) Skinscorch; 6) Smoulder; 10) Fiery Burst; 14) Summon Elemental (summoned elemental will be of the Fire type, caster level bonus will be for Fire type spells instead of summoning); 18) select one Fire type spell of level no higher than 1/2 the highest level you can cast and it becomes a spell-like ability reserve spell, +1 to CL for Fire type spells.

Rimeheart: Prerequisite and 6) Numbing Ray or Bonechill; 10) Winter’s Blast; 14) Chill of the Void (with range as Numbing Ray, +1 to CL with Cold type spells); 18) select one Cold type spell of level no higher than 1/2 the highest level you can cast and it becomes a spell-like ability reserve spell, +1 CL with Cold type spells.

Fluxheart: Prerequisite) Blinding Spittle; 6) Charnel Miasma (except the +1 CL applies to Acid, instead); 10) Acidic Splatter; 14) Corrosive Burst; 18) Fluxuation: Add 1d6 acid damage to any damaging spell cast in the same round OR use another Acid type spell reserve feat at double damage.

Waftheart: Prerequisite, 6 and 10) Windlash or Wind-guided Arrows or Hurricane Breath; 14) Borne Aloft; 18) Cloudcraft: you can shape clouds as if they were clay, resulting in solid structures supported by air, using any craft skills you have for the project.

Zipheart: Prerequisite) Telekinetic Disarm; 6) Guided Missile; 10, 14 and 18) Blade of Force or Force Bolt or Invisible Needle.

Unheart: Prerequisite) Charnel Miasma; 6) Sickening Grasp; 10) Necrotic Pulse; 14) Arcane Demoralizing; 18) Corpsewalk.

Warpheart: Prerequisite and 6) Cloud of Bees or Bee Swarm; 10) Dimensional Reach; 14) Dimensional Jaunt; 18) Summon Elemental.

Shieldheart: Prerequisite and 6) Protective Ward or Shimmering Armor; 10) Motewall; 14) Magic Disruption; 18) Mystic Backlash.

Shadeheart: Prerequisite) Shadow Veil; 6) Umbral Shroud; 10) Facechanger; 14) Vanishing Act; 18) Cuts in the Mind.

Thunderheart: Prerequisite and 6) Slowing Shock or Deafening Roar; 10) Shattering Word; 14 and 18) Clap of Thunder or Storm Bolt.

Exoheart: Prerequisite and 6) Mitigate Suffering or Touch of Healing; 10 and 14) Touch of Distraction or Enrage; 18) Sanguine Punishment.

Lumaheart: Prerequisite) Sunlight Eyes; 6) Sunlight Beam; 10) Magic Sensitive; 14) Scorching Illumination; 18) Holy Warrior (except +1 CL is for Light type spells instead).

Swampheart: Prerequisite) Pure Cup; 6) Fenrise (essentially as the spell Grease); 10) Clutch of Earth; 14) Aquatic Breath; 18) Drowning Glance.


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