News Bulletin, Entry 160426A

Mystery Night Murder!

Last night, plump and happy Obel Risq was closing up his shop, Obel’s Risky Business, with the help of his adopted son and Burrow Gnome helper, Aztur Risq, when their dog, Mad-Tick began barking and baying at the shadows of a nearby alley. Aztur states that the area then “went dark, as if all the psigns in the window and street pole crystals went simultaneously dark and the moon was hidden behind storm clouds or, basically like you were a human underground. Even I couldn’t see!” There was some shuffling sounds, a sudden whimpering, a sudden grunt, and two bodies striking the ground. A few moments later, all the light came back, but Obel and Mad-Tick were laying beside him in pools of blood, their bodies laid open with one huge gash each. Shrieking in dismay, Aztur got the attention of guardsmen on the next block, who came dashing out of the alley Mad-Tick had not liked and on to the scene. One of them, name withheld for official reasons, stated that he had never seen such a thing, with their prime suspect standing there wailing without a weapon in hand. Investigators have had no success in determining the nature of the assault other than that it was completed with a strange foreign blade shape, with precision, in complete darkness. Poor Aztur Risq says no magic potion can ever bring back his beloved Dada Obel, though he seems to have tried desperately to find one at Horn and Scale after being released by the Guard this morning. A reward had been offered by House Azra-Bebriti for the first party to bring accurate news leading to the capture and execution of the perpetrator of this heinous crime.


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