A Light in the Darkness

The cities of the Wild Coast celebrate the 100th anniversary of remotely powered light provided to their streets and homes on the next festival of light! Be sure to join in the festivities in your nearest powered city, fortress or croft. Special displays are to be provided along with the usual feasts.

If you do not recall the basis of the system, a series of antipathic crystals generate a mild psionic dissonance, which is dispersed by a paint, rich in crushed crystals and glowing extremely faintly as the power courses along the tracery. At various points, a special crystal-based device is placed in contact with the painted crystal line and the dissonance resolves in the exposed crystals. So, wherever you go, you see these little crystal-topped candles and lanterns casting light from walls, tables, and street lamps. When you do, thank the psions of the Wizard’s Guild for keeping the darkness at bay!


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