Notice: Funeral arrangements for Naqi’ir and Ezt’el Be Bebri have been delayed pending official investigation. Condolences may be delivered in writing through the public office of the Guard.

Notice: Review of the condition of the sea wall and port gate is to commence post-haste in preparation for storms recently divined by the Wizard’s Guild. Official persons only on or near the wall and gatehouse until further notice, to expedite the process.

Notice: The former head of production of basic magics for the Office of Works had been released and entered the private arena. Roran Melvenzer has set up his shop, Simply Magical, adjacent to the Ancient Kraken Thrall Hotel and Commons in downtown Pyt’enrul. He has extended his private government contracts, so public figures will continue to avail themselves of his wares, as needed. His replacement is to be named within the week, it is thought by the management of the Office of Works.

Notice: Rumors of “ghost ships” glimpsed far out in the Surging Sea have not been substantiated, though the Navy is, as ever, keeping a weather eye on the horizon for signs of raiders, pirates or invaders. Any citizens knowing of missing ships or the plans of enemies of Pyt’enrul to attack our fair city-state should report it at once to the Naval Yard.


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