One With The Stone [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]

One With The Stone [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]

The depth of your bond to and the expanse if your knowledge concerning the nature of your psionic crystal item(s) leafs you to vastly improve it over time.

Prerequisites: have a psicrystal, crystal psi-weapon or psignet ring.

Benefits: This is an ability that scales with the highest level psionic power you can manifest. All abilities of this feat apply simultaneously to any psionically active items you own.

0 – Receive the benefits of Improved Psicrystal. If you do not already have a Psicrystal, you now have one as a Psion of your character level. If you already have an Improved Psicrystal, you may shape it into a melee weapon and use it as if it were a crystal psi-weapon.

1 – Receive the benefits of the Psicrystal Containment feat. This can be used with Psicrystals, Crystal Psi-weapons, and Psignets.

3 – Receive the benefits of Power Psicrystal.

6 – Gain the benefits of Enhanced Psicrystal and Improved Crystal Psi-weapon.

9 – Construct Core: Any construct you build may use your Psicrystal’s stats and abilities, instead of its normally appointed ones, if it is more beneficial to do so. The psionic crystal item becomes bonded to the construct until released by you.


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