Wog [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]

Wog [Feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic]

Some children are born intimately connected to the spirits of nature and sometimes specifically to animals, their minds reaching out in ways strange to most to the beasts of the field and forest and even the birds of the sky. While some people revel in such a close connection, others find it unnatural and to reminiscent of certain mental horrors perpetrated by evil beings, so Wogs tend to hide their abilities from others or flee to territory where such gifts are welcome.

Prerequisites: Member of a psionic race or exposed to psionic power usage on a daily basis throughout childhood or at least 1 PSP independent of those bestowed by any class.

Benefits: This is a feat that scales with your ranks in Handle Animal.

1 rank – Handle Animal is always a class skill for you. You get an extraordinary miscellaneous bonus to Handle Animal checks equal to your Wisdom bonus. You may take ten on any kind of Handle Animal check, even when under duress.

4 ranks – When dreaming, you may make a DC 25 Handle Animal check to connect mentally with a non-magical being (at the time of first connecting) with intelligence less than 3. Once a connection is made, you may slip into the mind of this new “Skin” and ride along as an observer. After the initial connection, you need only succeed at a DC20 check to ride your Skin. You have a strong empathic connection with your Skin and can sense all that they sense physically and emotionally. They also sense your emotions and act on those emotions as if they were their own. This allows a very limited level of control and makes the Skin your fast friend for life. You can remain there indefinitely as long as you are within medium range, but your body will remain behind, essentially comatose, as you ride the Skin, subject to abuse and neglect. When you release the Skin, your mind will return to your body. If your body is killed while you are riding your Skin, it will die and you will continue in your Skin at the level of control and connection you had at the time of death. If your Skin dies while you ride along, you will go into shock for 24 hours per Skin, minus 1 hour per rank in Handle Animal. You may only have one Skin.

8 ranks – You can assume control of your Skin with a DC 25 Handle Animal check, but can only perform tasks it normally would. You can now communicate telepathically with your Skin as if speaking with it, even while awake, but not while riding it. Your riding range increases to Long.

12 ranks – You may now have a number of Skins equal to your Intelligence bonus. Once a Skin is bonded, it cannot be replaced until it dies. Your target “beast” can now be any nonmagical creature of Intelligence under 3 with a DC 35 Handle Animal check. Your riding range becomes 1 mile per 6 ranks in Handle Animal, rounded up.

16 ranks – You may now perform in your Skins any tricks you could teach an animal with Handle Animal. If the beast could speak, you may speak any language it could utilize. In most cases, this is limited to Sylvan or an elemental language, but some beasts can make word sounds or speak in sign language. Your target “beast” can now be any nonmagical creature of Intelligence under 5. Your riding range now becomes 1 mile per rank in Handle Animal.

20 ranks – You may now ride any one of your Skins while remaining awake with a DC 45 Handle Animal check. While doing so, you must make a Concentration check DC 30 to do more than a move equivalent action in your own body or become ejected from the Skin. Your riding range is now 10 miles per 4 ranks in Handle Animal, rounded up.

23 ranks – You may now take 15 on Handle Animal checks, even when under duress. All your Wog feat check DCs are reduced by 5. You may now ride any one Skin while awake with no Concentration requirement. You may ride more than one Skin in this fashion, with the same Concentration requirements, at +10 to the DC per creature beyond the second. If your concentration fails, you will be ejected from all Skins, be stunned for 1 round per point the check was missed plus 1 per Skin involved, and be nauseated for 1 round per Skin involved. Your riding range increases to 10 miles per rank in Handle Animal.


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