News Item 160725A

An infestation of rats has practically paralyzed the traffic and daily life in the Damp, that squalid waterside district of Low Town between the dock sections. Businesses have had to smoke them out, beat them out, call for low cost exterminators and even appeal to the Lords of the city. The Premier stayed that they should sic slug folk on them or hire cats, but it would seem that many of the rats are of immense size and diabolical disposition and some have shown strange powers.

As if such an infestation were not bad enough, a young woman, possessed of a demon, caused massive damage to the Ancient Kraken Thrall, the Toymaker shop, the Habra warehouse and the flea market being held in the Plaza there. Many were injured and some killed. If you are missing someone special to you in the wake of this destruction, you may inquire of the Guard, when they are not busy.


Speaking of business, the sea wall has been thoroughly reviewed and certain improvements suggested. It will be of limits for the rest of the year, except for official business.


On the bright side, rumor has it that specialists from Sot’er are coming to our fine city to determine if some of the wonders to be found there might be implemented here and if the first ring of crofts beyond the wall might be brought under more permanent protection of the city. There is also rumor that a sister city may be established at the current site of the ferry docks across the mouth of the Elder Queen river, though such a project may be unwise until the local works can be dealt with. Such excitement.


As an aside, a reminder that festival day is just 7 days away. Hope to see you at the festivities!