Improved Blade Resonance (feat, 3.x, Scaling, Psionic, mindblade) 

Power, in the form of resonance, is good, and practitioners of this feat use it to help improve access to and applicability of that power. 

Prerequisites: Must be able to manifest or form a mindblade through feat, class ability, or other means. Must meet the prerequisite number of Resonant Blade feats and any other prerequisite feats ,for each feat below by the time you reach then

Benefits: The benefits of this feat are dependent on character hit dice, as follows: 

1 HD: Receive the feat Knife to the Soul.

3 HD: Receive the feat Mind Blade Cleave. 

7 HD: Receive the feat Deceptive Mind Blade.  

13 HD: Receive the feat Blade of the Champion. 

19 HD: Receive the feat Fill the Resonant Blade.


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