Ranged Mind Blade (feat, 3.x, Scaling , Psionic , mindblade) 

Why stay close to the target all the time? Get him while he’s charging in, running away, distracted, or just plain out of reach. This feat is for practitioners who really want to be able to use a mindblade at range, effectively.  

Prerequisites: Must be able to manifest or form a mindblade through feat, class ability, or other means.

Benefits: The benefits of this feat are dependent on character hit dice, as follows: 

1 HD: Receive the feat Throw Mind Blade.

3 HD: Receive the feat Extended Throw. 
7 HD: Receive the feat Bladewind. 

13 HD: Receive the feat Mind’s Eye Acuity. 

19 HD: Receive the feat Bladestorm.


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