Summon-Monkey (feat, 3.x, Scaling, spellcasting) 

​It’s not about summoning some monkeys, unless you want it to be. It’s about more – and more interesting – summoning, you skillful primate wielder of conjugation magics! 

Prerequisites: Must be able to summon at least one creature by feat, spell, spell-like ability, supernatural ability, or extraordinary ability.

Benefits: The benefits of this feat are dependent on the highest level of spell you can cast, as follows: 

0: Receive the feat Augment Summoning.

1: Receive the feat Augment Elemental. 

3: Receive the feat Extraordinary Concentration.  

5: Receive the feat Summon Elemental (Reserve spell feat).

7: Receive the feat Augment Elemental.

9: Receive the feat Rashemi Elemental Summoning. 


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