Bending Weaponry (feat, 3.x, Scaling, bending) 

In certain, let us say more martial, schools of bending, students learn to shape the elements into specific weapon-like forms and employ these in melee combat. Some go well beyond this minor form to become masters of the art of elemental weapons. 

Prerequisites: Must be able to bend elements, through a feat or class ability. Must have formal bending training at some point prior to beginning play, so the character may be part of a standing army that gets Bender support or owe a certain amount of fealty (tithing, reserve status, etc.) to the school or its sponsors.

Benefits: The benefits of this feat are dependent on character’s effective bending level, as follows. 

1: Receive the feat Elemental Weapon. If you do not have a fixed bending elemental damage, add an amount of elemental damage to the result that is equal to the amount done by the weapon form. For purposes of the Bender of Time, the weapons are dart, javelin, shortspear and long spear. Any weapon that could normally be thrown can be used to make a single ranged attack, but dissipates immediately after impact, leaving the Bender with no weapon in hand. 

3: Receive the feat Elemental Weapon Focus. 

7: Receive the feat Bending Finesse. 

13: Receive the feat Elemental Two Weapon Fighting. 

17: You may now use your elemental weapon, or any other bending effect that you can touch, to carry any other magical effect which you can generate (such as spells, other bending powers, Psionic powers, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, extraordinary abilities, etc.) along its surface to a single melee target you successfully strike. This is an extraordinary ability that requires the Bender to have the carrying weapon or effect in place, and then activate the other ability through it while successfully maintaining the bend/weapon until the effect reaches its target. Once the effect has reached the target, it affects them as a touch attack version of itself, in addition to whatever the bend or weapon might do. It costs whatever the bend or weapon does, as well as the cost of the added effect. An example of this ability in use: a Cleric with the Bender Dabbling (Water) feat and a minor bend of healing in at work on a party member felled by poison, determines the poison is still in effect and, while maintaining the healing bend, casts Neutralize Poison. The spell courses along the bend to the fallen comrade, killing the poison while the healing waters caress his unconscious form. Another example is the Bender of Earth who bends a gauntlet into existence and then, tapping into his racial energy ray psionic power, proceeds to wallop his enemy with a stony fist and a fiery discharge, combined! 


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