This site is a website dedicated to the world of A’rat’. Our game sessions as well as world information.

Campaign Rules: This a slightly high powered campaign setting, so please don’t abuse the DM’s choice of rules (enemies can be high-powered and merciless, too…).

Any SRD material is okay, as is most stuff from the wikis, with DM approval. Characters start with a first level feat and one heritage feat, which can be anything tied to their physical or mental nature, not a skill. Humans and other versatile races might start with an extra racial feat, and classes may give binds feats as early as first level. Scaling feats are allowed, but when creating a character, only one of your starting feats can be a scaling feat. Proficiencies, even those provided by class or race, can be exchanged with DM approval for non-scaling feats at character creation. You may acquire no more than two feats from flaws at first level.

Starting statistics are 18/18/16/14/12/10, arranged by the player. Starting hit points are maximum for first level. Instead of rolling for hit points when gaining a level, you may opt, before rolling, to simply take average for the die, rounded up and modified as usual (for example: your hit die for your new level is 1d8 with a Con modifier of +2, 1d8 average is 4.5, rounded up is 5; before rolling, you could opt instead to take 5+2=7 hit points). While this does not give you super-high hit points, it also means you are not stuck with a 1 or 2 on the die, ever. Your option.

Starting gold is maximum for your class and you are allowed one extra special item. This can be living or inanimate, magical or mundane, masterwork or common. Total magical equivalent cannot exceed +1 or first level spells at creation, though it may be modified later (thus, spell hurlers are viable if subbed no higher than first level, for example), and non-magical items cannot have a value in excess of 1000 gp. All special items of this type must have DM approval before the item is put into play. If you cannot decide on a social item, the DM can assign you one or help you select one that is character appropriate.

Please develop your character a bit, compete with some goals, fears, and quirks. You may turn any of these into existing game mechanic traits, flaws or quirks, or just make them role-playing guidelines to help you as player to keep in character during play. You can develop these more during play and you can ask the DM to play out a bit of backstory to help define or develop them. Don’t get too caught up in the backstory, but a richly built character adds to the gaming experience and can help flesh out the party, the campaign and even the setting in which we play.

The DM is a resource, among many other roles. Please seek assistance, if needed or wanted.